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New Products 

Commercial Air Scrubber

Improves air quality by continuously removing and effectively reducing indoor allergens/air pollutants without producing harmful ozone. It successfully solves poor indoor air quality problems, the spread of illnesses, sick building syndrome and eliminates allergy, asthma and allergic reactions from sensitive or low immune persons.

HD Odor Air Scrubber

The HD Odor Air Scrubber Removes over 350 different odors, chemicals and gases by processing it through a 13 pound activated carbon filter without producing harmful ozone. 


Bleach Crystals and Bleach Tablets

The GumWand is a revolutionary new machine for removing discarded chewing gum. No generator, hoses or trailing leads makes it the safest way to remove chewing gum in a public place. By vaporizing an environmentally friendly chemical solution it breaks down gum on a molecular level. 

Learn more about the GumWand

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