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Product Name: ProGen 12
Product Code: 107329
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ProGen 12
ProGen 12
ProGen 12

ProGen 12

Upgrade Your Upright!

Next Generation Upright

Clean Better with Advanced Features

The NEW ProGen 12 has the added performance and features to make it an instant hit with cleaning professionals. 
The increased maneuverability, animated dashboard display and patent pending Snap Lock Lid make this an upright like no other.    

Upgrade Efficiency 

Durable Construction & Proven Reliability

For more than 25 years, ProTeam has designed vacuums with durability and quality in mind. These vacuums are low maintenance and long lasting, with multi-year warranties to back them up. Subjected to extensive laboratory and field tests, the lightweight molded plastic body of this new upright was proven to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear. 

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